The Beanstalk Creative Design Thinking Tools

“The Beanstalk CreativeDesign Thinking” is a set of ten tools designed and made to facilitate the design thinking process.

problem statement minatureThe Beanstalk miniatureThe Magic Bean miniatureThe Gold Coins miniatureThe Sacred Cow miniature

The Giant miniatureThe Axe miniatureThe Golden Egg-Laying Hen miniature  7s_Mother  Jack miniature

These ten design thinking techniques, when used together with the card-facilitated group-thinking methodology assimilate both the more linear analytical thinking approach with the intuitive non-linear creative thinking approach to bring forth a chaotic order for the design thinking process.

The tools can be divided into two classes, corresponding with the two phases of the design thinking process: the divergence phase (also known as the generation phase) and the convergence phase (also known as the selection phase).

Because design thinking is not just an act or methodology during problem solving, but a philosophy, a values system and a lifestyle, each tool also comes with tips for specific daily actions that can help us build habits for design thinking as a way of life…

The ten Design Thinking Techniques and Tools are:

For more information on the use of these ten design thinking techniques of The Beanstalk Creative™ Design Thinking Tools, please go to “The Design Thinking Techniques of The Beanstalk Creative™ Design Thinking Workshop“.