The Sacred Cow

The Sacred Cow

“Sacred cows make the best hamburger.” Mark Twain

There is this story on the web about how a wiseman asked his student to throw off the cliff the cow that a poor family depended on for their livelihood from the milk, cheese and yoghurt that could be obtained from it. The student was tortured by the incident and years later, decided to visit the place again. He found the same family living there, but in a far better condition. Because of the loss of the cow, the family had to acquire new skills and find new ways to survive. The loss of the cow had been the best thing that happened to the family.

In an organisation and/or business, the Sacred Cows are those well-worn beliefs, assumptions and practices that have outlived their usefulness. Perhaps because the external environment has changed, perhaps because technology has progressed, or perhaps simply because the people themselves have grown and developed!

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