The Beanstalk

The Beanstalk

“Think big, start small, grow fast!”

Creativity is chaotic. It springs seemingly out of nowhere, comes out of nothing.

Behind every successful creative individual lie what best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell called 10,000 hours of working and re-working on problems of a similar nature. This is true, whether you are an architect, a novelist, a singer or an actor. Indeed, creativity is more likely than not the result of countless hours of conscious and sub-conscious attempts at finding answers and solutions to a problem.

In today’s corporate world, over and beyond individual creativity, we need collective creativity. As managers, not only do we need to be enlightened bosses to hear, see and harness good ideas, we need to encourage ideas, especially in Asian societies where traditionally, individuals are more reserved, subservient and more accustomed to the linear thinking process.

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