The Beanstalk Creative Consumer Product launches MakanKaki135™

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7 JUL 2015

On the occasion of Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, The Beanstalk Creative Actions Pte Ltd celebrates our quirky table “chope-ing” culture with its first ever consumer product: the MakanKaki135™.
It’s makan (Singlish for “meal”) time. In crowded and “kiasu” (this term describe the “afraid to lose-out” mentality of our people) Singapore where looking for a free table can be a nightmare during meal time, having a small item we can use to conveniently reserve aka “chope” a table can mean the difference between a leisurely or rushed lunch or dinner.

Do you have a “chope” weapon? What is your favourite? An umbrella? A book? A tissue pack? More importantly, is it effective?

What it does:

MakanKaki135™ is the ultimate multi-functional meal-time “chope” weapon of choice that “chopes” your table in style.  It:

  • serves as a hard case for your tissue pack – thus preventing untidy, crushed and crumpled tissue packs in your bag;
  • serves as a holder for your cutleries, conveniently and elegantly housing a Western spoon and fork set or an Asian spoon and chopstick set;
  • helps maintain hygiene by preventing contact of your cutleries with dirty tables and/or trays ;
  • “chope” aka reserves your seat while elegantly setting your table with your cutleries.
MakanKaki135™: "chope" your table in Style!

MakanKaki135™: “chope” your table in Style!


The MakanKaki135™ is now available for pre-purchase on Indiegogo :

  • For a mere USD 4.00, you have the opportunity to be among the first 1000 backers of this quirky, uniquely Singaporean product.
  • Be a trend setter and “chope” your table during meal time in style.
  • Visit Indiegogo following this link: to pledge your support now!

Who we are

We are design thinkers passionate about design, design thinking and “design/made-in-Singapore”. We share this passion with you through our work and training programmes to help you achieve personal as well as work place innovation.

  • Chris Long, director of the company is a landscape architect with 20 years of design experience.
  • He was the designer for the Singapore Istana Front Lawn as well as The Singapore Botanic Gardens Tanglin Core.
  • He has one active patent (not this product), multiple copyrights, and was a member of one of seven finalists for the Million Dollar Next Generation Container Port Challenge.

How we encourage Others to make things and/or to innovate

We run both public and corporate workshops to promote design thinking.  We developed an entire suite of tools to help our workshop participants navigate through the complex road map of design thinking and innovation, using the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale and the characters therein to help our participants understand the concepts and techniques of “things making”.  Our website contains many interesting articles, useful tips and guides on design thinking, innovation and things making.


Come visit us at our booth at the Maker Faire!



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