“If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”  Peace Pilgrim

Creativity is not a talent that you have or you don’t.  It is an attitude – an attitude towards life.  It is the desire to see with your mind and not just your eyes.  Every invention, innovation, insight and creative product begins in the mind’s eyes.

Like all skills, creativity comes with practice.  Only with practice can a skill become second nature, like the swing of a golfer, the top-spin of a tennis player, the musicality and dexterity of a pianist.  Jack represents the creative subconscious of our mind.

During creative problem solving, we must take time to let an idea or a solution sink in and allow ourselves to connect with our inner hopes and fears with regard the solution.  When all that can be covered has been covered, we may ultimately need to go with our intuition.

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