Customised Design Thinking Workshop Singapore

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Value creation has always been part and parcel of any businesses. Businesses need to engage every part of the production chain to, in Tim Brown‘s words, “help create new strategies, enter new markets, create new brands, create new applications for technology, find new ways of connecting with customers and/or to help find new partners”. What is different today is the speed at which all such activities need to be executed.

Equipping individuals within an organisation with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate effectively and efficiently in the value creation process is essential to maintaining competitiveness in the market place.

Our Design Thinking workshops can be customised to meet your specific needs, nature of your organisational problems, as well as desired course durations.  Get in touch with us here!



Acquire knowledge about the design thinking processes and be able to:

  • define the non-linear nature of such processes
  • list and describe the various elements/roles of such processes
  • state the difference between an idea and ideation
  • understand the characteristics of design thinkers and design thinking

Gain skills and procedural knowledge to:

  • adopt The Beanstalk Creative Actions process and methodology in problem solving
  • define the parameters and acquire skills to empathise with the users of a given problem to generate, identify and document winning soltions
  • adopt a card-facilitated brain-storming process for more effective management of group thinking

enhance solutions by simplifying, value-engineering, cost-cutting and automation