a set design thinking toolsWe have developed a set of design thinking tools that takes you through the creative problem solving journey in a fun-to-use, easy-to-remember and effective manner … come discover the order behind the creative chaos!


a community of design thinkersThrough this forum, we hope to cultivate a community of gracious, nurturing, creative individuals who believe not only in their own dreams but in those of others, as if they were their own … come build a caring creative community the Singaporean way!


a resource for design thinkersTogether, we can build a resource for entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, researchers, managers, designers, writers, artists, artistes, teachers, parents, students, and dreamers … come share and learn together!


a creative and innovative way of lifeDesign Thinking is a way of living, a lifestyle of choice:

  • to see the world from multiple lenses …
  • to try things you’ve never tried …
  • to dare to be who you want to be …

come make creativity your way of life!


About the design thinking workshop facilitator and designer Mr Christopher Long Seen Hui has been a member of the creative design industry as a Landscape Architect for more than fifteen years.

His curiosity in evolution in nature, natural and human processes, the written and built work of man, as well as the mysterious nature of human creativity has come together in his concept for The Beanstalk Creative Actions as a tool for design thinking.

Christopher was a Singapore PSC (Public Service Commission)/German Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft Scholar and was a Singapore National Parks Board Scholar. He graduated from the School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters degree and won the school’s George Madden Boughton Prize.

During his career as designer as well as project manager, Christopher gained valuable insights in putting to practice the more intuitive non-linear design thinking as well as the more systematic linear logical thinking approaches.

After working in design for fifteen years, he ventured into research and development where he began to integrate the chaotic order of design thinking with the systematic approach of scientific research. Inspired by how the mathematical understanding of the order behind chaos has proven to benefit many areas of science and human endeavours, Seen Hui believed that the understanding of the order behind creativity and innovative processes can allow us to better tap human and organizational creativity for problem solving.

He has developed The Beanstalk Creative Design Thinking Workshop to promote the concept and method as well as to promote design thinking habits in our lives and in our organizations.

Besides promoting Design Thinking under The Beanstalk Creative Actions Pte Ltd, Chris currently leads his own team of landscape architects and runs 3fP landscape atelier Pte Ltd.